Alibaba opens first community e-commerce store Taocaicai in China

This week, Alibaba’s first “Taocaicai’’ offline store opened in Changsha, China.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary small shop of only 60 square meters, but the internal decorations revealed its extraordinary details.

The ​​60 square meters is allocated to 7 functional areas, not only is there a “Tao Cai Cai self-selection point”, but also live broadcast rooms and delivery stations.

In March of this year, Alibaba integrated, Freshhema, and other business units to establish a community e-commerce business group into the two major brands “Freshhema’’ and “Taobao Shopping’’.

At the Changsha new brand launch conference on September 14th, Alibaba officially announced that the community e-commerce brand will be upgraded to become “Taocaicai’’. After this upgrade, Taocaicai will be accessible through the Taobao App and Taote App homepage.

Community e-commerce business is an internal strategic project of Alibaba. There are currently three businesses considered by Alibaba as “competitive first-line businesses’ ‘: Taocaicai ( community e-commerce), Taote (sinking market), and BenDiShengHuo (new retail).

From April to June, Alibaba’s community e-commerce GMV increased by 200% month-on-month. Among all businesses under Alibaba, this is one of the fastest-growing businesses.

But for Ali, community e-commerce is still in the “introduction period.” In the 90 days from April to June, the construction area of ​​Alibaba’s Taocaicai Regional Distribution Center (RDC) increased by 260% month-on-month. In 2021, logistics and contract performance infrastructure will be the focus of all platforms.

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